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  • To emerge as an eminent Institution at the National Level by developing 'Entrepreneurs of the future' apart from providing appropriate placement and career pathways for our students by:
  • To Secure the future for 100% of our students, either by placement in industries of repute / guide them for entrepreneurship or pursue higher studies and support the 'student community' in all its endeavours.
  • To continuously assess potentials for career or academic opportunities for our students and launch them in chosen path.
  • To provide human resources of world class excellence, quality and ethics to the industries in India and abroad and stand up to their expectations and
  • To render immense and valuable services to Industries through project consultancy and special assignments.


  • To make scholarly efforts in awakening the young minds, discovering and developing their talents and personality through dedication and commitment to excellence and innovative instructional methods.
  • To transform the personality of 10+2 students and engineer them to a bright future through development of communication skills, analytical skills, inter- personal skills,  organizational skills and  core-competence through counseling and confidence - building measures.
  • To produce true professionals, path finders, managers and intellectuals with flair for higher studies and entrepreneurship, who through their performance and significant contributions, will bring laurels and reputation to the 'Alma mater'.
  • To make the Department vibrant and build coalitions, communications and lasting relationships with Industries of repute and Academic Institutions for higher learning.
  • To organize center of activities for human resource development and management and make critical contributions in areas of emphasis and demonstrate a high level of competence in placement activities and contributions to industries.
  • To introduce pioneering programs in the Department that will embrace heritage and values to the Institution for realizing its objectives as a premier Institution.


  • To provide career pathways for all our students by developing  them as Entrepreneurs or  providing placement or guiding them for higher studies and for attaining excellence in their chosen career.
  • To empower students by:

  •   Imparting quality education and appropriate skill sets.
  •   Making exciting changes in traditional concepts.
    • Effect advancement to teaching and learning and discover new layers of knowledge and skill, that are relevant for success in profession and in life.
    • To build confidence, core-competence, interpersonal skills, soft skills and right attitude leading to professional ethics and abilities to navigate the world.
    • To instill and sustain in students, flair for technical and professional writing and oral communication through a well structured arrangement.
    • To create through brilliance, dedication, inspiration and effectiveness, an environment, which is conducive for acquisition of skills.
    • To take inter- disciplinary initiatives and organise a wide array of in-house programs for:
    1.   The intellectual exchange and development of ideas for 'industry-institute  interaction' and explore 'opportunities for higher learning'.
    2.   Confidence building and personality development programs for the students in close coordination with Training cell.
    • Development of abilities to effectively express with clarity in group discussions and for improving upon performance of students in interviews; and thus secure excellent placement in Companies of repute.
    • To enlarge and spread the net-working with Industries, meet their expectations and maximise career opportunities for the students.
    • To provide the 'right job for the right man' and ' vice-versa' and realise 'productivity enhancement' for both the individual and the industries.
    • To continuously assess topics and guide the students for pursuing higher studies and the choice of the Institution.



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